Tours from Placencia

Whether you want to explore the coral reefs, catch some big fish, or just relax on the shore, we have the perfect private day trip for you. Join us and discover why Placencia is the ultimate destination for fun and adventure. We promise you'll have a blast and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss this chance to experience the beauty, culture, and excitement of Belize.


Silk Caye snorkeling

Silk Caye/Turtle Alley Snorkeling

Explore one of Belize's protected sites near the Barrier Reef. Swim with a variety of fishes, sea turtles, nurse shark and rays.

laughing bird underwater

Laughing Bird Snorkeling

Bask in the beauty that surrounds Laughing Bird Caye National Park with its pristine white sandy beaches that leads into turquoise water perfect for snorkeling.

Howler Monkey

Monkey River & Manatee Watch

Cruise up the Monkey River and see a various species of birds, iguanas and crocodiles sunning on the river bank and of course the Howler Monkeys. On the journey back we'll stop to see how many West Indian manatee you can spot.


Spearfishing Seafood hunt (Catch & Cook)

Have you ever hunted for your own food? Do you love seafood? If yes, then this is your unique opportunity to go spear fishing for lobster, conch (seasonal) or various species of fishes.

Inner reef catch

Fishing & Snorkeling combo

Start the day off with some trolling, bottom fishing or spin casting for barracudas, mackerels or jacks as we make our way to a nearby island where your guide will prepare your catch for lunch in a beach style BBQ. After lunch and a little R&R, we’ll do some snorkeling before heading back to mainland Placencia.

Moho Caye- island hopping

Island hopping

Are you ready for a relaxing and fun day in paradise? With our island-hopping tour, you can visit up to three different islands for the day.This tour is for people who just want to relax and enjoy the day with no hassles.

sunset cruise

Sunset cruise

Experience the magic of nature's masterpiece with us for a tranquil and delightful sunset cruise in Placencia, Belize.