Tours from Placencia

The Placencia Peninsula is the top coastal destination in Belize, Central America. Many travelers plan a trip every year to engage in their favorite hobbies whether it be fishing, snorkeling or spearfishing. Plan a private day trip with us and we’ll ensure you have a fun filled day!

Some wish to increase their diving skills, catch that Grand Slam or snorkel the popular sites. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, we will ensure your safety while having fun.

Our private tours are perfect for couples, families or groups of friends that want to avoid the crowd and go at their own pace. 

Adventures at Sea Tours

laughing bird underwater

Snorkelers Paradise - Laughing Bird Caye


Snorkeler’s Paradise excursion is done at Laughing Bird Caye National Park and Lark Caye. These two islands gives you the opportunity to see more marine life and tropical corals.

Other snorkel charters available from Placencia include: Silk Caye, South Water Caye as well as half-day trips to Lark Cayes or Bugle Cayes.

Silk caye/Turtle Alley

Silk Cayes & Turtle Alley Snorkeling


Snorkel the tiny islands in Belize known as Silk Cayes or Queen Cayes located on the second longest Barrier Reef in the world where you will find the best snorkeling and diving sites on a tour from beautiful Placencia. The Silk Cayes is a protected marine reserve that contains some of the healthiest parts of the reef system due to its elevation and crystal clear water. 

These three Cayes have been an all-time favorite for locals and is now a top destination for snorkelers. Loved for their turquoise waters with white sandy beaches. 

Here you’ll have a 95%  chance to snorkel with Loggerheads, Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. Don’t worry, they are all harmless- keep your hands to yourself and enjoy the encounter for a safe yet thrilling adventure.

night shorkeling placencia

Night Snorkeling


Sounds scary? It really isn’t. Gear up, grab a light and follow your guide.

You will see the real “Wildside” of the reef. It amazing the difference in marine life in the same area. We will do 2 snorkels in the same area one at dusk to see whats out and then another after the sun sets.

See a difference in the marine life when the sun goes down. Its fun and exciting and our newest tour addition.

hook and cook

Seafood Hunting - Spearfishing


Have you ever hunted for your own food? Do you love seafood? If yes, then this is your unique opportunity to go snorkeling for lobster, conch (seasonal) or various species of fishes.

This excursion is paired with snorkeling so if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing day on the waters, this is it! 

laughing bird caye national park

Snorkeling & Fishing combo


This you was designed with family in mind. 

Start the day off with some trolling, bottom fishing or spin casting for barracudas, mackerels or jacks as we make our way out to the Barrier Reef or nearby island where your guide will prepare your catch for lunch in a beach style BBQ.

After lunch and a little R&R, we’ll do some snorkeling before heading back to mainland Placencia.

whale shark gladden spit

Swimming with Whales sharks

Snorkel at some of the most beautiful cayes in Placencia. Silk Cayes was formerly known as “Queen Cayes” is a protected marine reserve just off the coast. The Reserve contains some of the healthiest parts of the reef system due to its elevation and crystal clear water. These three Cayes have been an all-time favorite for locals and is now a top destination for snorkelers. Loved for their turquoise waters with white sandy beaches. While exploring the reef, your guide will take you to Turtle Alley. Get a chance to meet Loggerheads, Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks, and Eagle Rays. These creatures are harmless and enjoy the company. Simply keep your hands to yourself and enjoy the encounter.
monkey in tree

Monkey River & Manatee Watching


The Monkey River Tour is one of Belize’s first river tours, it is one of best things to do in Placencia with your family. The tour combines a leisurely boat ride, jungle hike and manatee watching in southern Belize. The Monkey River is very easy to do and being an eco-tour, you get to hold some of the jungle critters. The Howler monkeys which the river and town are named after is the highlight of the tour, but aren’t always a guarantee.

From start to finish you can expect to spot all different types of flora and fauna. Osprey, crocodiles, egrets, baboons, lizards, green iguanas, turtles can all be seen from the seat of your boat.

On your way back, look out for manatees. These animals are gentle and shy but very interesting.

Placencia tours to inland attractions

There is not much wildlife in Placencia, perhaps you would like to do some inland tours or mixed them up on our list of fun-loving activities. Snorkeling or Diving one day and Explore Mayan ruins from Placencia the next. It all possible with staying on the peninsula.

Our concierge can help you arrange a day tour to many wonderful attractions inland. We do not have the price listed on our website. We are more like an agent helping you make the best of your vacation in Belize.

Inland Tours:

  1. Maya ruins you can visit from Placencia are Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in the Cayo District, and Lubaan Tun and Nim Li Punit in Toledo district in the South
  2. Go Horse Back riding and Bathing at Mayan Kings Waterfalls near Placencia Junction.
  3. Visit the Inland Blue Hole or Go Zip Lining at Angles falls on the Hummingbird highway.
  4. Our listing of Placencia tours wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the Chocolate tour.
  5. the Cockscomb Basin is a long-standing tour destination and probably a must-do within Belize. The Cockscomb Basin has the world’s only jaguar preserve, which has long been on the peninsula list of things to do.

Placencia Village is a unique tourist destination in Belize, offering a multitude of tours to visitors. Book thrilling and educational adventure tours, Relaxing and informative Trips. Experience them all, with licensed tour guides and tour companies in good standing with the Belize, Tourism Board the governing body of the tourism industry in Belize.